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Lucky Nugget Casino Review


Lucky Nugget Casino has only been running successfully online since 1998. Of course, for an internet casino to remain this long within today in the competitive sector, it has to be doing quite a bit right, and this includes being a safe operation and genuinely treating its clients fairly. If it was doing anything less than this, then there’s no telling how long the casino would still be able to run effectively. Lucky Nugget Casino offers the kind of quality and customer service which any casino should strive for. That is why I have rated it as an A+ rating.


Casino is a jewel of all internet casino

To me, the key to enjoying a good online casino is to first enjoy the games and then enjoy the site. Lucky Nugget Casino fits into this mold perfectly, as it offers a very nice website with lots of nice graphics, which is clean and well designed. There are sections on its home page that allow you to play various games, and a review of what each one offers along with a link for more information on each one is featured prominently. The review itself is written by a player who uses the casino regularly, and his review is written in a positive vein, praising the bonuses, spins, table selection, and general playability of the game.

Within the website, you will also find an archive where you can read more about Lucky Nugget Casino as a whole, as well as individual games within that category. In the archive, you will find a few helpful links, one which takes you back to the homepage and another to the sign-up page. This is an evolution of Lucky Nugget Poker, as the original site used to offer its customers the opportunity to play Microgaming, which was very similar to Lucky Casino.

What was missing from Lucky Casino at that point was a flash player, and due to Flash not being supported on many computers, Microgaming was never offered. Lucky Nugget Poker got a graphical overhaul and is now offering a full slate of poker promotions, as well as other types of flash gaming, including Lucky Nugget Slots, Lucky Nuggets Baccarat, Lucky Nuggets Spin, and Lucky Nuggets Classic Poker.

Now I would like to take a moment to discuss what all the poker promotions are. We have a cash bonus section, a video poker bonus section, a slot bonus section, and an electronic duffle bonus section. It’s nice that they have integrated all these different payment methods into one area, as it makes it much easier to make payments, and track your earnings. For example, all payments are debited directly to your checking account, which is nice because there aren’t any fees involved. It also means that if you withdraw from your account, you will have less to pay to the online casino.


Video Poker in Lucky Nugget Casino

The video poker portion of Lucky Nugget Casino offers a nice selection of video poker games, as well as some live dealer games. If you want to play video poker and shuffle, you have the option to play either against the house or try to beat the dealer. The dealer here at Lucky Nugget Casino is well trained and knows what he’s doing. He’s also a pretty cool guy, who offers helpful tips and guidance through every step of playing, as well as assisting you with questions that you may have. He’s truly a helpful and great dealer, which adds a nice little extra to your online gaming experience. As for the live dealer aspect of Lucky Nugget Casino, I have to say that it’s quite impressive, as the graphics and sound effects are top-notch.

In reviewing this site, I want to point out the two most popular sections, which are the welcome bonuses and the video-poker reviews. Both of these sections alone are worth the money, as they allow you instant access to many games, as well as a sign-up bonus for a full month of playing at the casino. To date, I have not found any other casino online that offers such an amazing amount of free bonuses to its members. Since this is one of the few casinos that I have personally visited that offers such generous gifts to its members, I feel that it’s important to give an in-depth review of the site, since there are only so many sites that can be reviewed in such a fashion.

One of the most popular features of Lucky Nugget Casino is the welcome bonus, which offers the player free play money when they join. This alone might be worth the few hundred dollars one might have to pay to get into the live dealer game since it’s a pretty big jump from playing against the house. As for the video poker section, it’s easy, affordable, and fun, especially since Lucky Nugget Casino is one of the newer online casinos on the internet. The video poker sections offer three different variations of games, which I recommend you check out. The bonus is payable monthly, so if you keep playing the video poker you’re going to rack up quite a bit of money in a relatively short amount of time.

The last features that I want to talk about are the bonuses and withdrawal options. To be a member of Lucky Nugget Casino, you must follow all of the rules, including having a good record. Because of this, you won’t be able to withdraw any of your winnings unless you file for withdrawal with the Malta Gaming Authority, which is located in Malta, Italy. However, the Malta Gaming Authority allows players to withdraw their winnings up to two weeks after the game, which is more than enough time for me since I usually spend about a week every two weeks at the online casino games I play. Lucky Nugget Casino is a very legit casino game, so don’t worry if you’re not from Malta, because it’s not going to cost you anything to join.

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